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The modern homeplace has a lot of devices. Think about TV, Soundsystems, wireless speakers and the rest. Most of these items come with their own remote controls. This means you have to operate them with numerous controls which, quite often, will go missing and leave you cursing.

Thanks to remote control apps, you do not have to go through that torture. Remote controls are installed on your phone, meaning they won’t get lost. Also, one app can be used to control different devices. This site explores the remote control app sphere to help you make the most of them. It has articles divided into the following sections.

Remote Control Apps

This is an introduction to the apps themselves; what they are and how they work. The section discusses some of the best apps in the market, where you can find them and how to set them up on your devices.

Customisable Apps

Some remote control apps give you the freedom to set them up to work in your own way. This section discusses such apps. It guides you on how to go about the customisation process and differentiates them from their non-customisable counterparts.

Phones and Tablets

These are the devices on which the apps work, so there’s a section dedicated to them. It talks about how you can pick the best equipment that will work with your apps, among other things.

Remote control apps keep improving, and there is always something to learn about them. Beat Surfing is all about keeping you in the loop to ensure you get the best experiences. Keep reading the site and sharing! Welcome!