BEATSURFING is an iPad Organic MIDI Controller Builder.

This Application lets you to draw a 3-dimensional controller which you can use, like any other, by tapping. But Beatsurfing allows  more: you design your own paths until they suit you, follow routes, take turns and cuts with your fingers and collide with objects along the way, triggering melody, beats, effects .  Movement is what it’s all about.

It can control any MIDI-enabled device (Software, Hardware, or even selected iPad apps), features a very intuitive in-app editing system and integrates seemlessly in any existing Studio or Live setup.
Objects Behaviours can be set to link objects together and  multiply the available commands on the surface of the iPad.

It’s been developed by Herrmutt Lobby & Yaniv De Ridder.
It’s based on concepts Herrmutt Lobby developed for Hardware MIDI controllers (like the Beatfader and the MIDI scratch devices).

Originally released by VLEK, now fully owned by DRUW.


PR & Communication coordination by Julien Fournier.

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→ Remarkable mentions: FastCoDesign / The Creators Project / The Verge / MotherBoard-VICE / The Next Web / CreateDigitalMusic / XLR8R

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The Beatsurfing logo was made by RAWAKARI.

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Controllers objects can interact with each other through Behaviours.  They allow any object to command and/or alter another one on the iPad’s screen, multiplying...

Beatsurfing allows you to swap from the EDIT and PLAY view at the tap of a finger.  The design and mapping of the objects...

Included in Beatsurfing are 7 editable Tutorial Controllers that allow you to learn the basics of the App, with the relevant Ableton Live Project.