Connect through a hardware interface to any MIDI-enabled device.

A wired connection from your iPad to your slave MIDI device is the one’s that’s gonna get you the best latency available.

You can use any iPad-compatible MIDI interface with Beatsurfing.
For the moment, we do not endorse any sort of hardware MIDI interface, simply because we lack the time to fully test them.  So what we’re giving here is merely a list of links that you should use as a springboard to find what suits your need.  Go explore forums, ask for advice, and make a choice.  We’ll be able to recommend fully-tested hardware in a few weeks hopefully.

Connect to a Computer.

The easiest solution (probably not the cheapest) is using a device that will connect directly to both the iPad and the computer through USB, like the IConnect.

If you’re not using this kind of hardware, there are two steps to connect your devices:

Send MIDI signals from the iPad: you need a MIDI interface able to…connect to the iPad.

Some are designed to work with all MIDI-enabled devices (look for Griffin TechLine6, IKMultimedia, Alesis, Behringer products).  Be aware that the possibility to charge the iPad’s battery while you’re connected to the device is pretty important.  Otherwise you’re in for very frustrating power-induced breaks in your workflow!

Receive MIDI signals on your computer: you need a MIDI interface (it can be a dedicated MIDI interface but some soundcards or controllers have MIDI inputs too).

Connect to Hardware.

You just need to get the MIDI signal out of the iPad.

You can do this by using a dedicated MIDI interface for iPad (look for Griffin TechLine6IKMultimediaAlesisBehringer products).  Plug the MIDI cables in your hardware’s MIDI inputs. You’re on.

If you’ve had any experience with any type of interface used with Beatsurfing, please let us know!

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