Connect through CoreMIDI to Apps

Beatsurfing can connect to any Background-Audio-enabled iPad App that can receive internal MIDI signals.  For the moment we cannot recommend or endorse any apps because we did not have sufficient time to test them.

If you are an app-developer and think it could work well with Beatsurfing, let us know!
Same goes if you have any experience with an app & Beatsurfing and want to share your story.  Thanks.

1: On Beatsurfing

Theres’s absolutely nothing to do.  Nada.  Rien.  Beatsurfing is designed to send MIDI to other applications out-of-the-box.

2: On the Slave App

Look for the ‘Background Audio’ or ‘Run in Background’ switch.  Activate it.

Look for the MIDI settings panel in the preferences of the application. The app will either be able to ‘listen’ to any ‘Internal MIDI’ signal, or you will have to select the Internal source.  If it’s the latter, the Beatsurfing Internal Driver is called ‘NETWORK’.

Choose whichever is relevant, switch back to Beatsurfing and start Playing.

Tip: Remember to double-check that you used the right MIDI Channels in both the Slave app and Beatsurfing when you map your scene!

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Included in Beatsurfing are 7 editable Tutorial Controllers that allow you to learn the basics of the App, with the relevant Ableton Live Project.