The Benefits of Using Customisable Remote Control Apps

Apps are mainly used to make access to online resources easier. However, as time moves, there has been a rise of apps that make offline life easier too. Think of fitness apps, timers, and, arguably, the most useful, remote control apps.

Remote control apps have been around for a while now. They are apps that you install your phone and use to control devices like TVs and music systems in your house. Lately, the newest development in the area of remote control apps has been the inclusion of the customisation feature. This feature allows you to have even greater control of your devices and comes with significant advantages. These include the following.

Speedy Navigation

Some apps allow you to customise them such that they use the same commands as your phone system. These include qwerty keyboards and voice control. With these, you can navigate through your TV menu faster than if you were to go through numerous drop-down menus and type full words using a single button.

Parental Control

The content accessed by children as always been an issue for parents. Some customisable apps remove this worry by allowing parents to track the content that their children are watching, sometimes even remotely. A parent can switch off the TV from work if they realise that their children are violating TV rules instead of having to wait and scold them later.


Nowadays, it is important to be able to access the information stored on different devices in a synchronised manner. You may be running late on your way home and want to catch the same program that your family is watching on TV. Remote control apps make this possible. With apps provided by some TV companies, you can use the same subscription you have at home to watch the same content on three or more devices. This saves multiple subscription costs.