Build your own controller

Work with the Controller you need, not the one you were given. Simply build it on the screen with lines, polygons, circles and faders. Size, color, orientation and 3-Dimensional location are all yours to choose.


Use the full potential of the iPad touchscreen: tapping is still possible with Beatsurfing, but its power relies on the ability to surf on the iPad surface, creating interactions that are not possible with physical hardware.

Link any MIDI device

Dj, VJ, production softwares, hardware devices, and even iPad apps: you can route BEATSURFING to anything that understands the MIDI language.  The Quantize module (v1.2) also allows you to connect to other musicians on a rhythmic level.

Objects Behaviours

Each object of your controller can be set to control the others.  It creates a system of objects that allow you to add much more to a controller than what meets the eye.

Intuitive In-App editing

Forget about separated editing software, lenghty changes and whatnot.  You can swap between the EDIT and PLAY modes at the tap of a finger and seamlessly edit or play with your controller.

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Controllers objects can interact with each other through Behaviours.  They allow any object to command and/or alter another one on the iPad’s screen, multiplying...

Beatsurfing allows you to swap from the EDIT and PLAY view at the tap of a finger.  The design and mapping of the objects...

Included in Beatsurfing are 7 editable Tutorial Controllers that allow you to learn the basics of the App, with the relevant Ableton Live Project.