Included in Beatsurfing are 7 editable Tutorial Controllers that allow you to learn the basics of the App, with the relevant Ableton Live Project.  This list is constantly updated with new material, and we’ll be adding other DAWs as we go.

If you do not own Ableton Live, there’s a fully working 30-day trial available here.

Other editable controllers are available here.

1/ Tutorial 01 – Circle Behaviors

– Download the Walkthrough PDF http://d.pr/f/sK91

– Download the Ableton Live Project: http://d.pr/f/jSaK

This tutorial is going to drive you through the different circle behaviors with real usage examples.
To read about this tutorial, download the PDF.

2/ Granular Synthesis

– Download the Ableton Live Project: http://d.pr/f/IEBZ
– Watch the Video: https://vimeo.com/40236917
This Controller shows a particular use of Beatsurfing, in which basic interactions are set between objects. Herrmutt Lobby used the app to create modular synthesis on a simple beat—kick, snare, and voice (vocals by MC NON of the Shadow Huntaz, a long-time Herrmutt Lobby collaborator).
You can read about this controller here: http://bit.ly/HVs16l
You can watch a video of this controller in action here: https://vimeo.com/40236917
You can download the Ableton Live project here: http://d.pr/f/IEBZ
This controller requires the Operator Synth and Maxforlive.

3/ Octo Double Beatfader

– Download the Ableton Live Project: http://d.pr/f/7DQu
This scene demonstrate the use of the Line operator with direction detection enabled to play different drums according to the direction you slide your fingers to create interesting beats.
It also demonstrate the use of overlapping operators. The Pink Octogonal Operator plays the strings while the overlapped Blue Octogonal Operator plays the same drums as the Lines.
This Live project uses a Quantize module made with Max4Live.
In order to work you must hit the PLAY button in Live.
Credits: Maxforlive Quantize Device By Nonagon / Get the latest version of the module.

4/ Ascending/Descending 3rd

– Download the Ableton Live Project: http://d.pr/f/fDQ8

This Controller demonstrates how to play major or minor chords according to the surfing direction.

The yellow lines are transposed by one semitones according direction you glide or strum on it.
The top row works with behaviours and the bottom row uses direction detection to provide the same functionality.
To play with this Controller, you can use any synth you want. Any background compatible app can also do the job.

5/ Circle & Bass

– Download the Ableton Live Project: http://d.pr/f/cGNA
This Contoller demonstrates the use of Circle, Line and Fader operators with Behaviors to create various interesting beats.

6/ Minor/Major 3rd

– Download the Ableton Live Project: http://d.pr/f/zhwC

This controller demonstrates how to play minor and major third in a easy way.

It is an horizontal sequence of minor and major third, 3 semitones and 4 semitones. Vertical axis increments by semitones. it allows you to raise or diminish any notes of the simplest chords you get when you just play 4 consecutive notes on an horizontal line.
The big yellow circles on top permute all minor and major intervals.
Watch Herrmutt Lobby play with this scene and only Background Audio Apps.

7/ 2 chords nes

– Download the Ableton Live Project: http://d.pr/f/pOja
The two green circles operators on the left control the pitch of  the yellow operators + some bonus.

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Controllers objects can interact with each other through Behaviours.  They allow any object to command and/or alter another one on the iPad’s screen, multiplying...

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Included in Beatsurfing are 7 editable Tutorial Controllers that allow you to learn the basics of the App, with the relevant Ableton Live Project....