Link Any Midi Device

→ Through the MIDI protocol, you can link any SOFTWARE, HARDWARE or even other iPad Apps.


You can connect and control any MIDI enabled audio or video software (Ableton Live, Reason, Modul8, etc.) and map BEATSURFING as simply as with any MIDI controller on the market.

Through a wired MIDI interface

This will be the most accurate use of the App regarding latency.  You will need to connect your computer to the iPad via a physical MIDI interface.

→ Connect your computer via a wired MIDI interface.

Through Wi-Fi (MAC or PC)

This is the lightest way to connect your controller to a computer.  It’s not going to give you the best latency ever, but will allow you to play with Beatsurfing without breaking out the wires.

→ Connect to your MAC.
→ Connect to your  PC.


You will need a MIDI output for your iPad: this requires a physical MIDI interface.
You simply connect the MIDI wires to the MIDI IN connectors on your hardware (Sampler, Synth, MPC, etc.).

→ Connect your hardware.


BEATSURFING is ready to send MIDI information to other iPad Apps too.
Those apps must be ‘Audio Background’ and ‘Core MIDI’ enabled.

→ Connect to other Apps.

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Included in Beatsurfing are 7 editable Tutorial Controllers that allow you to learn the basics of the App, with the relevant Ableton Live Project.