Creating the Best Remote App Experience on Your Device

So you have heard about the potency of remote control apps and have decided to get one for your phone or tablet. How do you, then, ensure that you can make the most of it?

The assumption is that you have read reviews and downloaded the app that works best with your device and has the ability to do the most for your devices. Here are a few more tips to help you enjoy your new app to the fullest:

Add it to Favourites

Everyone has probably gone through that scene where the remote just won’t show up. The physical remote in the house that is. You turn all seats upside down and shoot everyone suspecting looks, but you just can’t find it. A similar situation with remote apps happens when they are buried deep within your phone apps. To avoid this situation, you should add your app to a favourites category immediately you install it. Alternatively, pin it to your home screen. That way, you access it with one tap when needed and enjoy it more.

Customise Your App

If you customise your app, you manage to get more out of it. Customising is assigning specific commands to different buttons other than those that are default. There are customisable and non-customisable apps, so you should look out for this feature when downloading your app.

Link All Your Devices

Assuming you have downloaded an app that functions across different devices, you should take time to link it to every single device. Even if you are not using a specific device at the time, bring it on board. This gives you the time to test whether each device actually works with the app that you have chosen. This will save you the time needed to set up when you finally need to use the equipment, and frustration in case it does not connect or function.

Happy connections!