The Best Remote-Control Apps

Remote-control applications enable people to have access to their gadgets even when they are not close to them. Imagine having total control of everything on your computer and television even when you are at work. This means you can choose what the kids can watch when they are alone at home. Here are some of the best remote-control applications which can enable you to control your devices using your phone.

Famisafe Parental Control

This powerful application has all the features you desire in a remote-control application. It gives users the ability to monitor everything that is happening with their devices. The application gives one the ability to block some applications which they do not want to be accessed by other people. Some of the best features of this application are tracking the real-time location of devices, app blocker and a usage report, web filter and screen timer.

Android TV Remote

This application gives a user the required interface to control a television. It is a free-to-download application. It works when your mobile phone is connected to the television through a local network or Bluetooth. Some of its features are keyboard input and voice control, gamepad controls, D-pad and touchpad, universal remote for all televisions.

Peel Smart Remote

The application is completely free to download with some in-app purchases. It can act as a great remote to control your television. It can also be used to control any other smartphone that you own. This application can act as a great television guide. It can also be used to automate heaters and AC.

Anymote Universal Remote

The application works perfectly with mobile phones that come with IR blaster on them. One needs to pay a small fee to get this powerful application. Some of its incredible features are that it controls all the IR controlled gadgets, makes custom macros and can control media centres through Wi-Fi.